Cardinals dont forget the heartbreak of 2012 NLCS -

Cardinals dont forget the heartbreak of 2012 NLCS

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -- Several of the main players are gone.  But the memory of it still remains.  

The Cardinals were up three games to one on the Giants in the 2012 NLCS but lost three straight and just like that their season was over.
“We don’t forget that day, watching that game in the rain and watching them celebrate on their field in San Francisco,” Mike Matheny said of the Game 7 loss.
It was Matheny’s first season as manager of the Cardinals – and first managing anywhere, in fact.  Since then big names like Carlos Beltran and Marco Scutaro are long gone while Randal Grichuk and Joe Panik have taken their place.  But that doesn’t mean it changes anything for those who were there.
“You don’t want to think about it but, ya, it’s still there,” Yadier Molina said. “I mean we were up 3-1 and they came back but this is a new year and a new season and we’ll see what happens.”
“There doesn’t need to be a whole lot more added incentive to beat the Giants to get to the World Series.  We’re more interested in winning a World Series than we are beating the Giants,” Adam Wainwright said.
“What happened in 2012 will not dictate this series but there’s some familiarity there with the San Francisco Giants because we played them before in this scenario so it should be interesting,” Matt Carpenter said.
Unlike in 2012 the Cards have home field advantage in the NLCS.  Does that matter?  Matt Holliday says only “if it gets to a Game 7 it does”.

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