Pine Lawn Mayor is a no-show at Board of Aldermen meeting -

Pine Lawn Mayor is a no-show at Board of Aldermen meeting

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

PINE LAWN, Mo ( – Many residents in Pine Lawn are frustrated after Mayor Sylvester Caldwell didn’t show up to the Board of Aldermen meeting on Friday.

“Why is he running from us?” said Amanda, a resident in Pine Lawn. “He was voted in. Why can’t he talk to us?”

Although a reason for Caldwell’s absence has not been confirmed, some believe it has to do with a federal indictment he is involved in. The indictment accuses Caldwell of extorting money from a tow yard operator with the promise that Caldwell would continue to use the yard for city business.

Caldwell’s attorney says nothing in confirmed and all the claims are at this point are accusations while critics have said the Board of Aldermen are puppets for a corrupt city government.

“They’re supposed to have a voice and represent us, but they are completely uneducated and should be removed from the board,” said Roslyn Brown, another resident. “I don’t believe they know how to impeach Caldwell. They didn’t (even) know how to open or close the meeting. It’s despicable.”

During the meeting, Alderman Jimmie Moore filled in, but any questions about why the mayor wasn’t there was met with him stating, “No comment.”

Pine Lawn Spokesperson Lou Thimes, Jr. said he does not know where the mayor is. “Where the mayor is, I do not know. If I did know, I would tell you.”

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