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Whats being done to keep illegal guns off the street?

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV.com) – The St. Louis Circuit Attorney said the generic approach used by police to try to stop illegal guns making their way onto the street does not work.

“We tend to treat these with a wide brush,” Jennifer Joyce said.

Joyce said she is concerned about illegal guns that are used in violent crimes. Joyce’s comments come in the aftermath of the shooting of Vonderrit Myers, Jr, who was shot by police in south St. Louis Wednesday. Authorities said the officer fired shots at Myers after Myers used a stolen gun to shoot at the officer.

Joyce said a special gun court could solve the illegal gun problem. Joyce told News 4 illegal guns end up in the hands of two different type of users. According to Joyce, one type of user uses it for violent crime. She said stolen weapons also end up in the hands of young men who have never committed crimes, but believe they need it for protection, or need it to be accepted on the street.  Joyce believes the latter would be well served by a gun court.

“I would want to wrap my arms around those young men, and get them mentors, and show them why they do not want to be using a gun,” Joyce said.

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