MoDOT paying more for road salt ahead of winter -

MoDOT paying more for road salt ahead of winter

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

ST. LOUIS ( – Freezing temperatures and blowing snow might be just around the corner and it could cost a lot more to clean up this year.

Missouri Department of Transportation officials say they are already stocking up on extra salt and paying roughly $10 more per ton than they did last year.

“We were a little concerned this year with how those prices would come in but in the St. Louis district our prices were not that much higher than they were last year. I think being on the river is a benefit because a lot of the salt comes in on a barge,” said Amy Twellmann, St. Louis Area District Maintenance Engineer for MoDOT.

MoDOT says they have already ordered 38,000 tons of salt. Most of that supply has already been delivered to local MoDOT facilities.

According to Twellmann, salt prices this year vary from $60-70 per ton, compared to $50-60 a ton last year. Other parts of the state are paying more than the St. Louis area, and some places are having a hard time getting any salt at all.

Officials say they are still feeling the effects of last year’s winter on the current budget. They tell News Four the more money spent on salt supply and winter weather clean up means less funding is available for pavement improvements.



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