Residents upset over locked doors at Ferguson PD building constr -

Residents upset over locked doors at Ferguson PD building construction

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FERGUSON, Mo.  ( – Before Michael Brown Jr. was shot and killed by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, the department’s building was under renovation.,

Ferguson Police said they have entered the last phase of their building renovation which should be open by mid-November. The area outside of the building resembles waiting room because the entrances are closed. 

“If they feel comfortable they will allow you in. If [they feel] a threat or problem, you’ll stand outside the window, and we watch people go in and out, profiling the window again,” said Mary Brown, a nearby resident.

Others do not understand why the doors need to be locked.

“I don’t see why having construction done, you would need to lock the doors. What if there is an emergency and you need to get in for protection?” said Craig Stowers, who works nearby.

Police said if anybody needs to speak with somebody from the department, they should not have any problems. There is a receptionist that works in the back of the building that can help.

However, there may be a wait.

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