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Unsolved criminal cases continue to linger in Ferguson

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- There have been major cases in Ferguson since the death of Michael Brown which remain unsolved, News 4 learned Wednesday. 

In late September, a mother and her adult son were carjacked. The suspect drove them around for 30 minutes and before dropping them off, he held a gun to the man’s head and even threatened to kill him. 
The victims told News 4 in September that police never showed responded to the scene and never started the investigation until the family came to the police department.
“I think we need somebody that is not a part of the problem coming in to police the people,” Said Mary Brown who works in the area. 
Mya Aaten-White has a similar story.
Aaten-White was shot in the head during early moments of the Ferguson protests. She begged police to investigate her case and after two months she is still wondering who shot her. 
“The police department has such a negative vibe from the community. Have another police department come in an bring peace to those investigations," said Craig Stowers who works in the area. 
Chief Tom Jackson said he’s been meeting with other officers and the St. Louis County Police Department to determine how to handle these cases. 

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