Journalist: Ferguson police refuse to return something that belo -

Journalist: Ferguson police refuse to return something that belongs to me

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

FERGUSON ( - As the Ferguson Police Department works to open the lines of communication and transparency, some say it's not happening fast enough.

A woman contacted News 4 claiming the department is giving her the run around when it comes to returning her property.

Freelance journalist Mary Moore was arrested Thursday during a protest right outside the Ferguson Police Department. She was arrested along with 12 others for failure to disperse, violation a noise ordinance and resisting arrest. Her camera, hat and other belongings were taken by police but returned when she was released from the St. Ann Jail the following day.

But one item was missing.

“When I was physically in custody, I asked St. Ann 'where is my taser, it was in there, I saw it in the bag when you took my stuff, now it’s not in there, so where is my taser?,'” Moore said about the incident.

For five days Moore has tried to get her taser back, an item she carries with her for protection.

“I never part with it, I feel naked without it,” Moore said about her taser that costs around $200.

Monday, she went to Ferguson police.

“She said I needed to come back with proof and I said ‘well how come I didn't need proof for my hat back, my press pass, my camera?’ My camera costs more than my taser. Why is it I need proof for one but not for the other?” Moore asked.

Tuesday she tried again with her proof in hand, but was unable to get her taser back.

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said during the arrests, an officer found the taser on the ground, and no one, including Moore claimed it. That means it becomes found property and does require proof to get it back.

“If it had been in her possession it would have been different. Everything in a person’s pockets, purse, is returned when released,” Chief Jackson said over the phone.

Moore said that’s simply not true.

“I had it under my arm,” Moore said.

Jackson said there’s only one property manager who can release property. He also said Moore could should get ger taser back Wednesday if she goes to the department to claim it.

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