Mother mugged in Dogtown while holding one-month old baby -

Mother mugged in Dogtown while holding one-month old baby

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( - A south St. Louis mother says she was mugged outside her garage while holding her one-month old baby. It’s the latest in a string of crimes in Dogtown.

“When I turned around there was a man standing right in my face, right in front of me,” said Rocela Ginther.

Ginther says it happened Friday night between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. She and a female friend pulled into her back-alley garage, stepped out of the garage and were approached by a man. The man demanded the women’s purses, cell phones and jewelry.

“As a new mom, that's all you think about, don't touch my baby,” said Ginther. “I kept thinking, if he picks up the car seat I'll have to fight this big man. I hope I don't die today.”

The man did not have a weapon and ran away through the alley. On September 18, St. Louis Police met with concerned Dogtown residents after a home invasion on Prather Ave. In that case, suspects broke into a window, stealing car keys and the getting away with the resident’s two vehicles.

At the September 18 meeting police told News 4 ,”As police officers we can’t do it by ourselves, we need the citizens to help.” They also introduced residents to the “Neighborhood Ownership Model”, a collaborative effort between police and residents to protect the neighborhood.

Residents say they’ve seen police patrolling, but there’s still a lot of concern. Ginther and other residents said they would like to see police patrol the alleyways because that is where they feel most vulnerable.

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