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Looking back: Cards vs Dodgers post-season standoff

(BaseballStL) -- The Dodgers return to Busch Stadium for post-season baseball, the first playoff game between the two teams in St. Louis since Game 6 of the 2013 NLCS.

The main event that night turned out to be the Cardinals pounding Clayton Kershaw and punching their ticket to the World Series.

The sideshow was the pre-game standoff between Cardinals hurler Joe Kelly and Dodger Scott Van Slyke following the National Anthem.

At the time Kelly was superstitious about being the last man to return to the dugout following the anthem. Van Slyke took notice and decided to make his stand.

The two combatants stood at attention on opposite sides of the field, caps held over their hearts.

And they stood there ... and stood there.  Watch the video

For many of the fans and media at the game, the standoff went unnoticed. The two players were standing still, hardly attracting attention – Van Slyke at the top of the dugout steps and Kelly planted at the grass line.

The game was broadcast on TBS, and to their credit, amid all the chaos of the start of a game, they picked up on the shenanigans early in the battle.

In the end, Kelly moved first, and the Dodgers celebrated in their dugout.  That would be as good as it was going to get for the Dodgers that night.

Fast forward to tonight and Scott Van Slyke is back along with the Dodgers and their dugout bubble machine.

Too bad Joe isn’t here for a re-match.

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