BBB warns fans to be cautious when buying playoff tickets -

BBB warns fans to be cautious when buying playoff tickets

ST. LOUIS ( – Anyone looking for last minute tickets to the Cardinals playoff games should be cautious if buying for an unauthorized ticket seller, the Better Business Bureau is warning.  

The team will play their first home playoff game of the post season Monday night against the Dodgers. Currently the games score is tied 1-1. 

The BBB says fans should buy their tickets from an authorized ticket dealer such as Ticketmaster or StubHub.

Anyone considering buying a ticket from a scalper on the street should be extremely careful. Scammers can produce tickets that look very real.

“If you’re buying them on the street, take that person you’re buying them from with you to the gate and say once it clears the scanner, you get the money, if it doesn’t clear the scanner, you don’t get the money,” advised Chris Thetford, with the BBB. “If they hesitate to do that for you, you might not want to buy tickets from that person.”

If buying from an online auction site or classified ads, such as craigslist, buyers should make sure the seller has a long history of satisfied customers, including recent transactions.

The BBB also says to very wary of sellers trying to lure buyers from a legitimate site to another site for a “private transaction.”

Finally, those who do find a legitimate online seller should never pay by wiring them the money. The money will be gone if the tickets are fake or do not arrive. 

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