Mom's group demands open-carry ban at Kroger -

Mom's group demands open-carry ban at Kroger

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BROOKHAVEN, GA (CBS46) - Stephanie Runyan understands Kroger is just letting Georgians exercise their rights when they allow customers to walk into its store with guns in plain sight.

"They're following state law," Runyan said. But she doesn't have to like it, especially when she brings her five-month-old son shopping with her.

"Guns, they frighten the kids, they frighten parents. I don't know who the person is or what they're going to do with it," Runyan said.

Nate Goodroe, who takes his two-year-old daughter shopping, has no problem with gun owners openly carrying their weapons into the stores.

"If I see them, I know that person is licensed to carry a gun, they know how to operate it. They're well within their rights," Goodroe said.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, an advocacy group, on Thursday will deliver to Kroger a petition with 300,000 signatures from around the nation, demanding the supermarket chain follow the lead of companies like Costco and Target and ban customers from openly displaying their guns when they shop.

"Their customers are saying it's not OK to bring guns into their stores. We are intent on keeping our children, our families safe when we go into Kroger," Wittmayer said.

The group last month launched an ad campaign in USA Today, calling for the ban. So far, Kroger is sticking by its guns.

CBS46 requested an interview with Kroger and is waiting for a response.

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