St. Louis police searching for suspects who robbed man at gunpoi -

St. Louis police searching for suspects who robbed man at gunpoint

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

ST. LOUIS ( -- St. Louis Police are looking for two men who robbed a south city man at gunpoint then fired a shot at the man.

Police say it happened at 3:40 a.m. Thursday morning in the 3500 block of Tamm Ave in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood.

Steven Marshall, 24, talked exclusively to News 4 about the two men who robbed him at gunpoint while he was sitting in his car after getting off from work.

“This guy comes up to my driver side window and puts a gun in my face and says give me everything, I said I don't have anything,” said Marshall.

A second man got into his passenger seat, grabbing his cell phone and keys. Marshall said he got out of his car, yelling at the men, who then began running down Oleatha. Marshall then chased after the men.

“I’m chasing them, screaming, he turns and kind of pot shots. He only fired one shot,” said Marshall.

“Anytime we start talking about gun shots in my neighborhood, people being held at gunpoint, that is way beyond anything that is tolerable,” said 23 Ward Alderman Joe Vaccaro.

Vaccaro said he’s talked to Police Chief Sam Dotson to get more police patrols in his ward. St. Louis Police tell News 4 anytime crime occurs the department focuses resources in the area, but they did not outline their plan.

Meanwhile, there are still two suspects on the run. Police continue to investigate the incident.

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