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Police records show what Darren Wilson was doing shortly before Brown shooting

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) – Newly-obtained police records show what Darren Wilson was doing before he shot and killed Michael Brown, Jr.

An hour and a half before the shooting, records indicate Wilson was at the Park Ridge apartments, not far from the shooting scene, responding to a call from a woman who told police a man threatened to shoot her.

“I remember the lady talking to the police, she was giving a description of the guy,” said resident Dana Murphy.

Murphy told News 4 the suspect left the area. Police said the victim declined to file charges. Ferguson police say the Park Ridge apartments and the streets surrounding it are a hot spot for crime and receive a lot of police attention. Records show police had been repeatedly called to the apartment complexes of Park Ridge, and Canfield Green, the complex where Wilson shot Brown.

According to records, 15 minutes after Wilson left the Park Ridge apartments, he received a sick call for a baby who police believe had trouble breathing while coughing. After responding to that call, Wilson drove up to Brown, and confronted him about walking in the street before the fatal shooting.

Since the shooting, residents have told News 4 stories about police officers harassing citizens for minor issues.

“They’re supposed to protect and serve,” Murphy said.

Murphy said it has felt like whites in positions of authority are oppressing the African American neighborhoods.

“They may pull up to you and ask you where your going and what you're doing. I don’t understand why you need to bother me if you don’t see me doing anything,” Murphy said. “That has happened to me.”

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson insists officers are not treating people differently based on race or where they live. Murphy said the insensitivity of the police was exposed by the way it handled Brown’s shooting, and also said it has reflected the community’s view that officers have failed to connect with people living in neighborhoods that receive a lot of police attention.

Jackson told News 4 police are committed to improving their relationship with the community.

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