Officials looking into validity of tweet about grand jury in Dar -

Officials looking into validity of tweet about grand jury in Darren Wilson case

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ST. LOUIS ( – Prosecutors are checking the validity of a tweet by someone claiming to know a person on the grand jury who said that there isn’t enough evidence to arrest Officer Darren Wilson.

“You’re told don’t ever talk about this with family members,” said Linda Jacob, a former federal grand jury member. “No one else should know what is going on in the jury room.”

Jacob served on a federal grand jury in St. Louis for 14 months and was repeatedly told all the proceedings between jurors are secret. Jacob said there were times she may have been tempted to talk about a case, but “you just don’t.”

The St. Louis County Prosecutors Office is investigating after an activist posted the tweet claiming a friend on the grand jury told them there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest and possibly indict Darren Wilson.

Jacob says the difference between a grand jury and a trial jury is that the grand jury is allowed to ask as many questions as they want until they are satisfied they have gotten all the answers.

“The lawyers don’t present the questions,” Jacob said. “They present the evidence and we ask the questions. I wholeheartedly believe in the system.”

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