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Possible grand jury misconduct in Brown case being investigated

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

(KMOV.com) – The St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office said possible grand jury misconduct is being investigated in the Michael Brown, Jr. case.

The investigation comes after someone tweeted out that she knows someone on the grand jury, and claims that person told her that there is not enough evidence to indict Darren Wilson. 

A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said it is too early to determine if the information in the tweet is valid.

A law professor at Washington University said he is skeptical that a member of the grand jury leaked information about the proceedings.

"These are experienced, seasoned individuals so its hard for me to imagine that a grand jury would do something like this," Peter Joy said. 

The grand jury, which is made up of 12 members, only requires nine affirmative votes to hand down an indictment. Joy said the panel could continue to hear evidence even if one member was removed for misconduct.

"It wouldn't fold up the grand jury unless that person contaminated the rest," Joy said.

Joy said he expects investigators to find the source of the tweet. He also said the presiding judge may ask to meet with each member of the grand jury individually.



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