Lawmaker wants referendum on Mo. lottery -

Lawmaker wants referendum on Mo. lottery

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ST. LOUIS — House Majority Leader John Diehl (deel) wants to let voters decide whether to abolish the Missouri Lottery.

Diehl wants the Legislature to refer a measure to the 2016 ballot that would ask whether the 30-year-old lottery should continue.

Diehl told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he believes the lottery is an "unstable and "inefficient" source of funding for public education. He also questioned the lottery's $16 million advertising budget.

The lottery had record sales in the 2014 budget year but transferred less money to education than the previous year.

That prompted Gov. Jay Nixon to order a review of the lottery's operations and replace all five of its commission members.

A little less than one-quarter of the lottery's proceeds go to education. The rest goes to prizes and operations.

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