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Local hospital prepared for threat of ebola

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) – St. Louis University Hospital has been in constant communication with the Center for Disease Control to be prepared in case a patient with ebola were to come to the hospital.

Nurse Helen Sandkuhl, the Director of Emergency, Trama and Disaster Services has been an ER nurse for 42 years. She says SLU Hospital is ready in case of an ebola emergency. Within the next 24 hours, hospital officials will meet to go over protocols in case an ebola patient were to come. Policies like patient isolation are already in place.

“International travel to an African country in the last 30 days would be a red flag for us,” said Sandkuhl.

Hospital visitors are worried about the threat of ebola, but they feel assured that the hospital is prepared.

“I just hope their plan is going to work, and it isn’t going to spread,” said one hospital visitor.

But emergency officials said it is key to not panic.

A hospital spokesperson said the start of the flu season makes diagnosing patients with ebola difficult. Fever, muscle ache and vomiting are symptoms of both viruses. It is key to take every precaution, every time. 

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