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Possible hazing at West County private school probed by investigators

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(KMOV.com) – News 4 has learned at least five people could face charges after they allegedly hazed students at the Principia School in West St. Louis County.

According to a police report, the Principia campus was the location of an assault, which police describe as the hazing of several students.  Town and Country police told News 4 they were called to the school on a Saturday mid-August for an assault that happened on school grounds. The alleged incident occurred the same weekend pre-season training for football, tennis, and volleyball began.

News 4 does not know how the school learned about the alleged hazing. One parent told News 4 families were notified immediately.

“The evening, I mean calls, and there were emails sent out. We were all concerned and as a community took care of the situation. The school did a great job,” the parent said.

News 4 attempted to reach out to the Principia’s principal but calls and emails were not returned. Police said their investigation is complete, the case is currently being reviewed by prosecutors. Those who could face charges are all juveniles.

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