Blues need to fix issues before playoffs -

Blues need to fix issues before playoffs

(HockeyStL) -- I learned my lesson of jumping the gun and counting out the Cardinals in late August, so as the Blues continue to stumble down the stretch, I won’t make the same mistake and freak out and say this team has no shot at succeeding in the playoffs. But you’d be crazy if you’re not concerned with the Note’s recent play.

I am completely shocked by this team’s recent struggles.  There’s a saying that coaches receive too much credit when a team wins and too much blame when a team loses, but in this case it’s NOT Ken Hitchcock’s fault his club is playing poorly right now.

Earlier this week, Brian Elliott said the problems have come from a lack of intensity, while Carlo Colaiacova said the team had been playing a little selfishly lately.  So while it’s good the Blues recognize the problems, they need to fix them quickly.  This team is extremely talented, but they need to start playing better hockey because just getting into the postseason isn’t good enough for this team. 

I’m not sure what to make of the last three loses.  All I know is that the Blues can’t afford to close out the regular season on a losing streak.  All year long the Note has played with a killer instinct and could close out games and stop the opponent’s momentum, but right now that ‘swagger’ which has carried this team all season isn’t there and needs to be found soon. 

Am I over reacting? Maybe, but for a team who has played so well during the regular season it would be a shame to seem them surface an early exit in the playoffs; perfect example the Mizzou Tigers in the NCAA Tournament.  

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