Action taken on hazardous hole in the road -

Action taken on hazardous hole in the road

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV)-Drivers in downtown St. Louis got quite a jolt the past couple days at N. Tucker Blvd. and Washington Ave.  Patch work on the road shifted causing a dip and a large bump.  Unsuspecting drivers hit the bump and News 4 crews witnessed the bottom of some cars hitting the concrete.  A city street crew made the repair Thursday afternoon, but the city says it was Ameren’s problem and their mess to fix.

Ameren workers had been doing utility work on the Tucker Blvd. Bridge at Washington Ave. and they patched the road.  But the patch gave way this week.  I spotted the problem and called the city to see who was responsible and when it would be fixed. Todd Waelterman, City Streets Director, said they had received several calls.  He said on Wednesday they called Ameren to fix the problem.

On Thursday the city continued to get calls and the problem hadn’t been fixed.  Mayor Francis Slay even tweeted about it.  So at 2 pm city crews went and fixed the problem.

I asked Waelterman what would happen considering city taxpayer money was used and if it was Ameren’s obligation.  “Absolutely,” he said.  “And what we did was just a temporary repair too.  We will send them a bill for our guys’ time.  We have patch crews across the city so we had to divert one of them and bring them down to get this squared up.”

I spoke with an Ameren spokesperson who was adamant that they didn’t receive notice until Thursday at 9 am.  The spokesperson says they have a good working relationship with the city.  She said they haven’t received the bill, but will take care of it if it comes.

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