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2 City workers caught illegally dumping trash behind aldermans office

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Two St. Louis City workers were caught illegally dumping tires, despite being paid to actually clean up the trash.

“It was shameful what they did…very disappointing,” Jeffrey Boyd, 22nd Ward Alderman, said.  “I always tell people we may not have the greatest neighborhoods in the city of St. Louis, but we don’t need to be treated like trash and dumped on.  That is just not right.”

Alderman Boyd could not believe that two city employees were caught on camera dumping dozens of tires behind his office in north St. Louis.

“I mean jobs are hard to come by and this was just a stupid thing to do,” Boyd said.

The two employees still have their jobs at the St. Louis City Streets Department after being arrested and charged, but Streets Director Todd Waelterman says they are innocent until proven guilty.

“They have been reassigned to other duties where they can’t have a negative impact on the city so we have them in a controlled environment,” Waelterman said.

If the two men are found guilty they will be fired, according to the Streets Department.  It is unclear if the two men have illegally dumped trash multiple times and police are looking at surveillance pictures from more than a hundred cameras to see if any more employees are also dumping illegally.

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