Construction south of Busch Stadium to make streets more user-friendly, less confusing -

Construction south of Busch Stadium to make streets more user-friendly, less confusing

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- Some big fixes are happening to streets south of Busch Stadium. Crews will be busy over the next few months as they tear out crumbling medians and consolidate intersections in the Soulard area.

Drivers who use Broadway near Park Avenue have already noticed heavy equipment and dozens of cones. St. Louis Streets Director Todd Waeltermann said crews are working to repair part of 7th Street to make it less confusing and easier to navigate for drivers and pedestrians.

The improvements include new concrete and crosswalks featuring countdown heads.

But perhaps the biggest change will be the permanent closure of part of Broadway at Park Avenue, and replacing the section with green space. Waeltermann said the re-configuration is necessary. He said the 50-year-old section is in need of an upgrade because of changes in traffic.

"Tractor-trailers get longer," Waeltermann said. "There may be less of them but they're longer. You have to adapt to all of that. And we have so many people who are out using our sidewalks, and we have to accommodate them."

The $1.2 million project will be completed by September or October, Waeltermann said. He said drivers will appreciate the more user-friendly intersections.

"It hasn't been an accident-ridden thing, but it is very confusing. And you get questions about it. People calling in. And that's how you get the attention, and it's what we're going to fix up," he said.

The city said drivers can expect occasional lane changes over the next few months. Crews plan to continue work on ballgame days. The Park Avenue exit off I-55 will be busy but drivers can still plan to use Broadway, Waeltermann said.

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