City officials want more consequences for those who break curfew -

City officials want more consequences for those who break curfew

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Police describe the chaos from Saturday night in the University City Loop that left two people shot as an isolated incident, but the new concern is what are police doing to ensure it does not happen again.

Safety is the major concern after hundreds of teenagers violated the city’s curfew on Saturday which sparked fights in the street and resulted in two people being shot.

The curfew in University City is set at 9 p.m. for teenagers under 17 years old and at least one St. Louis city official believes the major problem is that the teens should not be allowed to just “hang out” in parking lots.

“The second issue is there has to be a consequence for anybody, no matter their age, who is engaging in bad behavior no matter how minor it may be,” Jeff Rainford, Mayor’s Chief of Staff, said.

The University City police chief tells News 4 that it is not about the number of tickets issued to those breaking curfew but rather identifying them and getting them home.

“Basically (police officers) look at kids they think it would apply to who look under seventeen and do a meet-and-greet,” University City Police Chief Charles Adams said.

City officials want there to be more of a consequence for those violating the curfew.

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