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Letter to litterbug

(News 4 Reporter's Blog) -- Dear whoever was driving a black Mustang at 6:45 a.m. Monday on Florissant Avenue.

I saw you roll down your window and drop a piece of trash to the ground and roll your window back up and drive off.

Really?  You couldn't have waited until you got to work or home or wherever you were going and then throw it in the trash there?

I wish you had a little more pride in your city.  I also wish you could explain why you feel like what you did was okay.

People are watching.  You never know when someone's smartphone may catch you in the act of doing something embarrassing like this.

You can make it up to us by taking part in a highway clean-up Tuesday in St. Charles County... It's the No MOre Trash Bash.  Volunteers will pick up litter starting at 1:30pm along Highway 364 near the Heritage area.  Meet at the MODOT maintenance building at 2360 Old Highway 94 South in St. Charles.


Mark Schnyder (KMOV-TV reporter)


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