Shocking video: Motorcyclist dodges out of control driver in Texas -

Shocking video: Motorcyclist dodges out of control driver in Texas

SAN ANTONIO -- It was a split decision moment that could’ve turned ugly for one San Antonio motorcyclist after a car lost control and veered towards him.

His reaction and the near crash on US 281 were all caught on camera. The footage shows a car in another lane suddenly lose control and nearly swipe a motorcyclist in the far left lane.
While the video is jaw dropping, what’s even more amazing is the reaction of the bike rider.
“He didn’t panic. He saw it, he judged it, he accelerated out of the situation,” said Cathy Bochat, and instructor at The Motorcycle School. "No room for panic on a bike. That’s good riding."
Bochat saw the video on YouTube video for the first time on Wednesday. Not knowing the bike driver, all she could say was he was a good driver for being able to dodge a car coming at him. It’s a real life situation that Bochat said happens all the time on San Antonio roadways.
“When I drive from here to Schertz, it happens five to six times," Bochat said. "Something like that, a car violating my right away. It happens all the time."
While many are amazed at just watching the video, Bochat said it’s a good tool for other cyclists to use and realize that it's necesary to be vigilant on the open road.
“You have to be prepared to be a mind reader, to have a sixth sense, have rider radar,” Bochat said.

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