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Owner of St. Louis roofing company admits gambling interfered with completing jobs

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – The owner of a local roofing company has admitted there are at least seven contracts that he has not followed through with and, as a result, leaving these customers out of thousands of dollars.

John Rose was to have new shingles put on his roof in December, but they are still in a truck bed and not even the right color.

“I said ‘well that is not the color shingles.’  He said ‘I will give you your money back.’  I said ‘no, I gave you the full amount,’” Rose recalls.

Rose gave nearly $5,000 to Don Berry Roofing for the job.

“It just got to where he would not answer his phone anymore.  Now it is almost April.  Nothing is done,” Rose said.

Berry claimed Rose agreed to the color and never gave him the full amount.  He stated that he never signed a contract for the job, but News 4 learned that he actually did sign one.  Berry does not dispute the other victims who feel ripped off by his roofing company.

Berry promised a Florissant man “five or six times” to do a job last June but no work has been done despite being given $3,400 for it.  Berry says he will be able to do the job in two weeks or he will give the customer his money back.

When asked why he would do this to someone, Berry replied, “Well like I said I had quite a few jobs.”
Berry has already served prison time and is currently on probation for not fulfilling contracts all because of his admitted gambling habits.

“Gambling with it and I take people’s money, lose it, and think with the next job I can get it back,” Berry said. 
“You know robbing Peter to pay Paul or in my case robbing Peter and Paul.”

“I can’t sit down and cry about it.  I have got to stand up and be a man about it and say ‘yeah, I did it.’”

Berry has already paid back one victim and promises to eventually pay back the rest.

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