Greene searching for success at big league level -

Greene searching for success at big league level

(BaseballStL) -- Tyler Greene went 2-4 today with his 2nd home run of spring training.  Greene's got a rare combination of size, speed and power and that's what's got this organization so excited. 

Mike Matheny had a very interesting comment today when asked about him.  He said it's very easy not to believe in yourself when you haven't seen success.  And success has eluded Greene at the major league level the last 3 years.  He's torn up AAA...but not the big leagues.  Until he actually sees consistent success it's easy to not believe that you can do it.  That's something this team is trying to change about him. 

They want him to see success so he can get on a role and believe in himself.  It may happen.  It may not.  But this is probably the last year Tyler Greene gets to show that he can do it.  He's out of options and they're unlikely to give him another chance next year if he can't gain any traction here.

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