Carpenter might be best fill-in for injured Craig -

Carpenter might be best fill-in for injured Craig

(BaseballStL) -- With Allen Craig very possibly not going to be ready to begin the season with the big league club, what are the Cardinals going to do to fill his role?  Enter Matt Carpenter. 

It was kind of funny today when Mike Matheny was caught in the middle of saying how they were going to replace Craig's production and not wanting to officially say Carpenter was on the team.  But think about it.  Craig plays 1st base, right field, left field and a little bit of 3rd base.  Those are the exact positions that Carpenter plays. 

Carpenter also is starting to show a lot more power than he has in the past.  So he is the logical choice to be put into spots that Craig might have been to begin the season.  Today, Carpenter went 1-2 with an RBI triple and a run scored.  The triple was crushed right into the wind and was hit so hard it still pushed through it.  That shows just how strong Carpenter has gotten in his lower half...which is where you get your power from. 

Also, more and more he is looking like the second coming of John Mabry.  They both are tall, skinny left-handed hitters who don't wear batting gloves when they hit.  Mabry also happens to be on the coaching staff now.  It's a perfect fit for the two to work together closely.  Heck, the two even kind of look alike.

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