Grieving mom upset over missing headstone -

Grieving mom upset over missing headstone

(KMOV)--A grieving mother called News 4 after she paid for her son's headstone, but got nothing.

So News 4’s Chris Nagus went down to the headstone company for answers and got a surprising response: they are not denying there is a problem. 
Kalondra Turner's pain can only be understood by someone who has lost a child.
She told us “I just want my baby's headstone, I just want his headstone.”
Two years after her son's death she visits his grave only to see dirt and no headstone.
Tre’vaughn, 10, was laid to rest after he died from an asthma attack in April of 2010. On September 3, 2010, Turner paid Schaeffer Monument Company for a headstone to be placed on his grave. She paid close to $1,200.
But nearly 19 months later she hasn't seen anything. She says she has called the company, but has not gotten anywhere, so she called News 4’s Chris Nagus. He went down to the Schaeffer Monument's to find out what's going on.
Rich Schaeffer agreed to an interview. He apologized for the mess and said his family run business is small, and lately they have been overloaded with work, and not enough manpower to get the job done.
He agreed to fix this situation immediately.
Schaeffer told us the headstone for Tre’vaughn is “on rush right now and intending in the next two weeks to have it done. It has been too long, when I saw the paperwork; I was just like oh my God it should not be this long.”
He says it's possible this story could generate more complaints. He promised to fix those too.
Schaeffer is hoping to have Tre’vaughn's headstone in place as soon as Easter.
Rich Schaeffer showed News 4’s Chris Nagus the picture of Tre’vaughn that will be placed on the grave.
It was already sitting in the office, so it is clear they are intending to finish this job.

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