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Urban hospitals propose Illinois Medicaid plan

CHICAGO (AP) -- A coalition of Chicago-area hospitals that serve the poor is calling on Illinois to go after more federal Medicaid money before cutting hospital payments.

Leaders of the Association of Safety-Net Hospitals say Illinois could bring in $220 million more in federal Medicaid money than the state does now.

The group proposes stricter enforcement of Medicaid eligibility and estimates that up to 300,000 people on Medicaid shouldn't be.

Gov. Pat Quinn wants $2.7 billion in cuts to projected Medicaid spending. Experts say a cut that large can't be achieved without cutting payment rates to hospitals.

Hospitals in poor neighborhoods rely heavily on payments from Illinois Medicaid, so any cut to payments would hit them hard.

The group also proposes requiring copays from Medicaid patients who use emergency rooms for non-emergency treatments.

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