Craig still a question mark for Opening Day -

Craig still a question mark for Opening Day

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(BaseballStL) -- The Cardinals are in decision mode with Allen Craig and what he can do versus how much he needs to do to be available Opening Day.

Craig is yet to play in a Grapefruit League game. It's possible he may not be able to play in one before the Cards start the season. But that doesn't mean he can't be available to pinch hit for game one.

The Cards are trying to determine exactly where he is and what value he needs to bring before choosing to make him active on the roster or possibly DL him. There is still a chance that could happen.

Mike Matheny says the number one priority for him is to make sure they get a healthy Allen Craig on their team for as much of the season as they can get. So, if that means sacrificing a week or two in April to make sure he's 100% for the remaining 5 and a half months, so be it. But if you play Craig in a game now and you decide to DL him, he wouldn't be available to active as fast because of how soon he'd played in a game.

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