Cards' Matheny rolls out the A team vs. Tigers -

Cards' Matheny rolls out the A team vs. Tigers

(BaseballStL) -- The Cards have just 5 games remaining in Florida (and one more in Springfield) before they kick off the 2012 regular season against the Marlins in their new ballpark.

Today, the Redbirds battle the Tigers at Roger Dean Stadium with Adam Wainwright on the mound. Here's the lineup being sent out by Mike Matheny.

1) Rafael Furcal - SS
2) Carlos Beltran - RF
3) Matt Holliday - LF
4) David Freese - 3B
5) Lance Berkman - 1B
6) Yadier Molina - C
7) Jon Jay - CF
8) Tyler Greene - 2B
9) Adam Wainwright - P

Relieving Wainwright today will be Jason Motte, Fernando Salas, Mitchell Boggs and J.C. Romero

This lineup you see above? That's what we call the "A" squad. That's the lineup you will see more often than not just about everyday during the regular season...with just a couple tiny tweaks.

Because there's a lefty going for Detroit, David Freese will swap places with Lance Berkman in the order (normally vs a righty you'll see Berkman hit clean up with Freese 5th). Also, once Allen Craig is totally healthy, more on that in a moment, he'll play right field against a lefty with Carlos Beltran in center. Other than that, this is the lineup you'll see Mike Matheny roll out on a pretty regular basis.

We're getting very very close to the season beginning next week in Miami and Matheny is making sure all the regular guys get every opportunity to get themselves totally prepared. We're at the point where the guys start to play like it's the season because, as the manager said this morning, you can't just show up in Miami for game 1 of 162 and just flip on a switch. It's gotta be turned on early so you feel like you've played a few games once they begin to count.

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