Pine Lawn alderwoman's son, relatives arrested for breaking into -

Pine Lawn alderwoman's son, relatives arrested for breaking into a house

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PINE LAWN, Mo. (KMOV) -- News 4 tracks down a Pine Lawn alderwoman after her teenage son and other relatives were arrested for breaking into a nearby home.

What's even more disturbing is that police say one of the victim's has sickle cell anemia and that the thieves stole her pain medication.

Police were particularly disgusted by this crime, so they set up a special task force to investigate it.  One of the victims, a 21-year-old student at the University of Missouri St. Louis, lost all of her school work and worse -- the medicine that helps her cope with her disease.  Her mother talked to us about the crime but asked that we conceal her identity because she says she fears retaliation.

"She suffers so much pain," the student's mother said.  "From 1-year-old to 21 now, she's constantly in pain."

But her daughter's medicine to help her cope with the pain was stolen, along with her laptop and other electronics.

"Her books, school work, everything was on that laptop," the mother said.  "It made me feel so violated that someone came into my home."

Pine Lawn police were so concerned, they created a task force to find the thieves.

Corporal Steven Blakeney pointed out footprints and fingerprints police lifted from the crime scene.  Investigators also found a cell phone they say one of the burglars left behind.  It led them to a house just a block away, where police say they found the stolen stuff and arrested Alderwoman Nakisha Ford's son and four other family members.

"It saddens us because those are the types of people who should be notifying the police instead of getting involved in criminal activity," Pine Lawn Police Chief Rickey Collins said.

"I picked him up.  He's not in detention.  He's home, so he's fine, everything's fine," Ford said of her son.  "Actually, she stated that the charges probably won't stick because he was actually not at the burglary."

Police say the 16-year-old was there.

"I think he was just tied up in between people," Ford said.

"People, being your family members," I said.

"No, people, because my family members were not part of the burglary," Ford said.

But once I named off the people police told me they arrested, she changed her tune.  We're not naming them here until charges are filed.

"Of course I don't want this to happen in my family or any others', you know, any others' families, but what I can do is say that, I mean, if I've hurt Pine Lawn, I'm sorry," Ford said.  "But I don't think I did."

Pine Lawn police are still looking for Darien Hines, who they say was also part of the crew who broke into the family's home.

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