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Fenton police investigating theft trend near Gravois Bluffs

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

(KMOV.com) – Fenton police have noticed an increase in thefts in the Gravois Bluffs area.

Police say that there have been five separate incidents of theft in the area since the beginning of 2014.

Police report the first incident happened at Walmart in the 600 block of Gravois Bluff Blvd on Jan. 1. The suspect concealed curtains in her pants and candles in her purse before exiting the store without paying for the merchandise.  Another incident occurred at the Walmart on Jan. 4 when suspects placed make-up and hams in their purses before walking out of the store. The suspects in both cases were arrested.

On Jan. 2, a man walked into the Kohls in the 100 block of Gravois Bluff Plaza and put headphones in his pants before exiting the store. He was later arrested by police.

Two suspects on Jan. 6  grabbed several Northface coats off the rack of Sports Authority in the 700 block of Gravois bluff Blvd.

At Dierberg’s in the 400 block of Old Smizer Mill, a suspect took two grilled chickens on Jan. 4. Both investigations are ongoing. 

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