St. Louis County man brutally beaten after asking neighbor to mo -

St. Louis County man brutally beaten after asking neighbor to move car

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( – A St. Louis County man says he was brutally attacked by his own neighbor over parking spot.

Michael Rainer says the attack happened when he asked his neighbor, 20-year-old Brendan Young, to move a car blocking his driveway.

“I saw a foot just ‘bam’right into my face,” Rainer said. “He kicked me in my face and I hit the ground and that’s all I remember.”

He doesn’t remember anything else from the attack because he was knocked unconscious, but that didn’t stop the beating.

Pictures from his hospital bed show the degree of viciousness behind an attack which left Rainer with bruises, swelling and stitches on his face—unable to even open his left eye.

“My whole left side is fractured. I got a broke bone right here they got to do plastic surgery when i go back to the hospital,” he said. “For real they could have took my life. They were trying to kill me that’s just point blank.”

Blood from the fight can still be seen on a nearby light pole where Rainer says the group of men bashed his head.

His wife came running to help her unconscious husband but was met with threats as well

“They told her ‘b--, if you call the police give me your phone I’ll beat your a—like that,” Rainer said.

Police were called to the scene and arrested Young and another man who are now both facing felony assault charges. At least one is still in custody.

“I’m hurt by the situation not just because of this but because all I did was ask you a question,” Rainer said. 

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