Principal said she was fired for opposing 'disrespectful' policy -

Principal said she was fired for opposing 'disrespectful' policy

( -- An elementary school principal says she was fired for protecting children from embarassment.

Neol Roni says she fought against a policy that requires kids to get their hands stamped if they don’t have enough money for lunch.

“The kids are humiliated. They’re branded. It’s disrespectful,” she said. “Where’s the human compassion?”

Roni says some children were too embarrassed to go through the lunch line because of the practice.

When she told cafeteria workers to stop, she says higher ups at the school gave her a pink slip.

“I was shocked that their reaction was not outrage. That it was more of ‘who are you to tell us not to do this?’”

Roni is now fighting to get her job back.

The school says it can not comment as to why she was fired becsause it’s a personnel matter,  but it calls the allegations “baseless.”

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