City plows side streets in response to massive outcry -

City plows side streets in response to massive outcry

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

( - Plows attacked the side streets of St Louis Thursday night after a sudden change of policy at city hall.

Mayor Francis Slay announced the change amid growing complaints from residents who have had to endure several inches of snow on the streets since Sunday’s snowfall.

“I don’t know how much it will cost and frankly I don’t care,” Slay said.

The decision to plow marks a change from a long standing policy not to plow side streets.

City Streets Director Todd Waeltermann says about 40 smaller plows maneuvered down the narrow streets to clear snow.

“We're going to hit a few cars and we'll take a few mirrors off some cars but it's all about removing the snow and doing it in the safest manner possible,” Waeltermann said.

Jeff Rainford, St. Louis Mayor Slay's chief of staff, said some roads were not polowed because parked cars blocked the way. 

"Streets cut a single row in the middle so motorists could get off street without burying cars," he tweeted. "Sides should be passable, but not pristine."

Click here to submit your city street for plowing by the streets department. 

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