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Local school officials rework semester calender after record snowfall

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

 (KMOV) – Some area school districts have used as few as four snow days while others are now on their seventh snow day.

Different school districts have different ways to make up the days missed including delaying student’s summer vacation.

Students at Mehlville School District have missed five days due to the storm and have missed important instructions from teachers in the classroom according to Superintendent Eric Knost.

“In the Mehlville school district and what many districts do now is just that they just add days on at the end of the year,” said Superintendent Knost.

Some school district will replace teacher professional development days with a makeup day so the school year doesn’t get extended but Knost is against that idea.

“In our business those days are very, very important to us and important to our teachers,” said Knost.

The Fox School district is up to five snow days also. State law sets the rules for making up snow days.

If you miss 14 days and you have before you have to make up six full and you make a half day for every day up to 14,” said Diane Critchlow, Superintendent of Schools in Arnold.

She said parents have a lot of opinions about how to make up snow days but most have said they don’t want to have a cancel vacation plans so kids can be in school spring break or a Monday holiday.

Unlike Fox and Mehlville, Rockwood builds six days in, any snow days over that are added to the end of the school years.

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