Impassable roads cause transfer students to miss school -

Impassable roads cause transfer students to miss school

( - Some transfer students in the Riverview Garden School District were left in limbo Wednesday.

More than 100 transfer students who attend Kirkwood Schools missed school Wednesday because buses weren't provided for them because Riverview Gardens did not hold classes.

"You have children out here that were promised a fair education, and a fair education was not given today," Ms. Matthews, a parent, said.

Kirkwood School District officials tell News 4 the school transfer program puts them  in a difficult position when it comes to determining if school should be held or not.

"It is difficult," said Kirkwood School District Spokesperson Ginger Fletcher. "Our superintendent and our facilities personnel drive the streets in Kirkwood to determine if we can have school, They don't go to Riverview and drive the streets of Riverview. The Riverview Gardens Superintendent does that, so we rely on his judgment."

The parents of those students were notified Tuesday evening that buses would not be provided Wednesday. However, the bus drivers were not informed and  ran through their regular routes.

The transfer students who could not make it to school were given excused absences and an opportunity to make up the work they missed.


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