MSD: Snow and incoming rain causes major flooding concerns -

MSD: Snow and incoming rain causes major flooding concerns

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- With more snow hitting the St. Louis area and rain in the forecast, residents could be dealing with an even bigger mess.

Officials with the Metropolitan Sewer District say localized flooding is a real concern depending on how quickly the snow melts.

“We are talking about a very large volume of water going down our streets and into our sewer system,” said Lance LeComb with MSD.

But the big problem is the uncertainty of where the water will go on the snowy streets. Some sewer drains are blocked completely. Snow piles may make ice dams and cause water to pool.

Officials want residents help clear the hurdles.

“We are asking people to be proactive help themselves and help their neighbors,” LeComb said.

That’s no easy task for those who say they’re done digging.

“I am definitely sick of shoveling because I’ve been shoveling for like three days straight,” Barnett said.

MSD is in the process of tripling their normal staffing in anticipation of flooding and they want to make it clear that residents should contact them with any problems.

“Hopefully the houses don’t get flooded and all that nonsense,” said south St. Louis resident Chad Barnett.

St. Louisans are frustrated they’re still pushing stuck cars on snow covered streets.

Now, the potential for more snow and rain is overwhelming

“It’s way too much. Time to go to South Beach or something,” Barnett said.


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