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Police association under fire after posting video of toddler being encouraged to swear

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(KMOV.com) -- A police union is drawing fire Wednesday for posting a video featuring a toddler unleashing a slew of profanity.

The video shows the child, believed to be two or three years old,  exchanging more than 35 swear words with at least three adults.

The video was posted on the website of the Omaha, Nebraska Police Officers Association. They say it’s designed to show the culture of “thuggery” children can get trapped in. 

“When you see a child being treated like this, who can’t really defend themselves, an innocent child,” said Sergeant John Wells, President of the OPOA. “Unfortunately though, it’s something, as police officers, we see that is all too common.”

Critics say posting the video does nothing more than perpetuate stereotypes.

Omaha’s police chief has spoken against the video being posted, but the union has not removed it.

We’ve put a link to the full video on our Facebook page. You can decide for yourself if it should come down.

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