Large snowfall delays mail delivery across St. Louis region -

Large snowfall delays mail delivery across St. Louis region

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) --  After News 4 heard from several residents who had not received their mail over the last week, Russell Kinsaul took those complaints to the postal service.

People in Collinsville, Brentwood, Eureka, South St. Louis County, Festus and Ollivette reached out to News  after their mail had not been deliveried in several days.

Postal Service officials say there was a huge snowstorm and some neighborhoods have been impassable but mail's getting delivered in some neighborhoods and not others with the same conditions.

Al Katz, 92,  was able to track his mail order prescription from Express Scripts to a post office in Olivette but hasn't had any mail delivered this week.He takes medication to maintain his health but one of his important prescriptions ran out and he was counting on a refill to arrive in the mail.

“I can understand the weather being bad but i need the medication. I'm not able to go to the post office and get it,” said Katz.

The Postal Service said the huge snow storm may have prevented some mail from being deliveried where it was not safe for letter carriers. News 4 spotted some postal workers trudging through snow and driving on snowy streets as bad or worse than thos neighborhoods not getting mail.

The USPS seemed unaware of the widespread delivery outage.

“Carriers have beenf out and delivering where they can deliver and I dont know where a route is not covered in some form or fashion,” said Valeria Hughes with the USPS.

If there’s a snowplowed mound of snow blocking a mailbox at the curb, mail won’t be delivered. Katz knows that sho he had snow shoveled out of the way but still has not had mail deliveried Monday or Tuesday.

“I walked on over to my mailbox, if i can get to it they can get to it. the street aint that bad,” Katz said.

News 4 learned that a letter carrier for Katz’s neighborhood planned to s delivering his mail and he would have his prescription by Wednesday evening.

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