Winter storm takes toll on St. Louis-area snow plows -

Winter storm takes toll on St. Louis-area snow plows

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( – Transportation officials in both Missouri and Illinois say the winter storm that dumped up to 15 inches of snow in parts of the St. Louis area has taken its toll on their plows.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, approximately 15 percent of snow plows have broken in some fashion since the snowfall first began late Saturday night. Illinois Department of Transportation officials say 12 percent of plow trucks in the Metro East are broken.

The broken parts range from chains on spreaders to wing plows.

“This storm was really hard on equipment,” MoDOT’s Marie Elliott told News 4.

The heaviest snowfall totals were reported on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River, with Mascoutah getting 15 inches and Belleville seeing 14.

St. Louis got around 10.5 inches. The St. Louis area had received 12 inches or more of snow in a 24-hour period only 10 previous times since record-keeping began in the late 19th century.

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The Missouri Department of Transportation reported most major roadways were covered and clearing them was a challenge for two reasons: The wind was blowing cleared snow back onto the pavement, and it was so cold the salt used to melt ice and snow wasn’t very effective.

 If 15 inches of snow in parts of the St. Louis-area was not enough this week, it looks like we’re going to get even more later Wednesday, according to News 4 Meteorologist Kent Ehrhardt.

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