St. Louis man says radiation found in snow double normal amount -

St. Louis man says radiation found in snow double normal amount

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) – A south St. Louis man who has been measuring radioactivity levels for years says levels jump substantially when it snows in the area. But governmental officials say residents have nothing to worry about.


Michael Janitch, who goes by the online name DutchSince, posted a YouTube video of him taking Geiger readings. He says the results show double the amount of normal radiation levels in a recent snowstorm in St. Louis.

The meter measures the number of decaying radioactive atoms per minute. Measured in counts per minute, Janitch wrote his meter measure 30CPM “in the same spot on a nice day with no precipitation.”

Janitch says that’s a normal amount because radiation is found in topsoil everywhere.

“The radiation return from the snow precipitation is returning DOUBLE the normal background amounts,” he said on a Jan. 2 YouTube video documenting the readings, which showed 59.4CPM.

Janitch also posted a video after taking reading on Dec. 14. He conducted two tests using the Geiger meter and discovered radioactivity levels between 74.2CPM and 81.4CPM.

News 4's Craig Cheatham talked to officials with the Environmental Protection Agency. They said  fluctuation in radiation levels is normal and residents should not be concerned.

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