Snow, ice still pose challenge for Metro-East commuters -

Snow, ice still pose challenge for Metro-East commuters

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV) --Road conditions in the Metro East will still be a challenge for Tuesday morning commuters.

For two days, drivers have been packing down snow on the roads into rock hard ice and it stuck like cement to interstate pavement as the weather is too cold for salt products to melt it. 

“You might have some isolated spots where you can see pavement markings and some of the pavement, but we’re by no means cleaned up or clear across the board,” said Joe Monroe, with the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Monroe says 130 crews were working Monday night to clear drifting snow off of roads in the St. Louis region, and by Tuesday IDOT will have 200 crews out.

 “We’re ready to throw everything we got at it Tuesday,” said Monroe.

If the forecast holds up Monroe says, by midday Tuesday, it’ll be warm enough for the salt products on the roads to kick in and start breaking up the stubborn snow pack.

He encourages anyone driving Tuesday morning in the Metro East to drive defensively and give snow plows and other cars plenty of space.  

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