Several St. Louis-area residents suffer cardiac arrest in frigid -

Several St. Louis-area residents suffer cardiac arrest in frigid temps

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV) -- One person died of cardiac arrest in St. Louis Monday and seven other people were taken to a hospital for the same thing because the bitter cold was likely too much, according to officials.
In the ER at St. Louis University Hospital, stretcher after stretcher rolled in Monday.
"People might be a little more adventurous and we're seeing the results of that today,” said Dr. Erin Quattromani.
Doctors say it was far busier even than during the worst of the storm, with more than 50 percent of their patients experiencing some kind of weather related issue.
"We see the full spectrum. We see the bad accidents all the way to the minor trips and falls to the minor breaks and contusions,” Dr. Quattromani said.
But getting those people to the hospital has been no easy task.
“We can't wreck we can't put a truck in a ditch and not go to a call,” said Capt. Gregg Favre with the St. Louis Fire Department.
The St. Louis fire department responded to close to 500 calls Sunday and 250 in the first 12 hours of Monday. Favre said response times have been slower than normal.
The roads are very treacherous for them too, so he says getting out of their way can save lives.
"Anyway that people can clear out of our way is more beneficial for everyone involved,” Favre said.


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