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O'Fallon residents upset after waking up to parking tickets Monday morning

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

Update: The city of O’Fallon, Missouri has lifted a winter parking ordinance that requires residents to move cars off streets.

(KMOV.com) -- Some drivers in O’Fallon, Missouri received a rude awakening Monday morning when they went outside and found a ticket on their vehicle. 

The city of O’Fallon has had a snow and ice ordinance for years. As soon as there’s any accumulation, residents are required to move their car off the street so snow plows can come through.

A city spokesperson says more than 150 tickets have been given out and at least two cars were towed.

Officials say there used to be good voluntary compliance, so they didn’t need to issue tickets. Recently, that has changed, and the city has had to take action.

“Unfortunately, we saw towards ends of last year…especially in spring storms and first one we had this year...Voluntary compliance dropped off and we had to step up enforcement in response,” Said O’Fallon Director of Public Relations Tom Drabelle. “We’re not out looking for people...Our complaints are coming from residents who say get someone out to our streets we have problems with people parked on our streets and that’s what we’re responding to.”

Some residents posted Facebook messages saying if they pulled all their vehicles into their driveway they’d be blocking the sidewalk, and they don’t want to get a ticket for that. Officials say their priority is getting cars off the street right now, and employees aren’t going to be looking to give tickets for blocking sidewalks.

One police officer says they’re using a common sense approach.

The ticket for leaving your car on the road after snow or ice storm is $40.


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