School buses failing inspections double since last year, cause c -

School buses failing inspections double since last year, cause concern in extreme cold

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

( -- News 4 has been tracking the problem of area school bus inspections, and Friday’s problems with the Rockwood School District buses prompted another look into the matter.

After requesting the inspection records for the First Student buses used for Rockwood schools, reporters were told they are unavailable until Monday because the person who keeps the records is off.

But with bitter cold temperatures expected Monday, questions arose as to whether this could happen again.

In Missouri, the Missouri Highway Patrol is in charge of inspecting school buses.

In 2013 nearly 12,000 buses were inspected and more than 10,000 passed.

Statewide inspections revealed close to 13 percent of school buses inspected had brake issues, the same that sidelined the buses in Rockwood.       

That’s up from 6.5 percent the year before.       

The patrol has changed up the way they inspect school buses after a scathing report from the Missouri State Auditor was released over the summer of 2013.

The report stated MHP did not do enough to crack down on state inspection sites that were passing buses that then went on to fail during spot inspections.

After the report was released in June, MHP stepped up oversight of school bus inspectors.

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