Tips to save on your heating bill during the bitter cold -

Tips to save on your heating bill during the bitter cold

( - News 4's Sharon Reed shows everyone some simple steps to save real cash on their heating bill as temperatures plummet.

For a start, here is a list of many of the products Paul Guthier from Hanneke Hardware showed News 4’s Sharon Reed. 

 Some cost as little as $2 or $3 and can still be found and used before the temperature really dips Sunday into Monday.

Water heater insulation blanket

Door sweep and threshold

Cold weather faucet cover

New furnace filter

Window and sliding door insulator kits

Easy heat cord for water pipes

Computerized thermostat

Foam tape or spray gap filler for bigger holes and cracks

If you want a space heater, be sure to get the right type and size.             

A simple rule of thumb for picking the right sized space heater is: 10 watts for every 10 square feet in a room.

For example, if you have a 10 by 10 room that is 100 square feet.  100X10 means you need a 1,000 Watt heater.

Utility heaters and fuel burning heaters are not for living space, they should be out in the garage or in a basement.


For more, here are additional tips from Laclede Gas.

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