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Disabled man left stranded after Call-A-Ride cancels pick-up

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

 (KMOV)— A visually-impaired man missed work Thursday and he blamed Metro Call-A-ride program.

Steve told News 4’s Steve Savard he uses Call-A-Ride three to four times a week and he had a pick-up scheduled for 7 a.m. Thursday morning.

When that time came and went, he called to check on the ETA for his ride. He was told his ride had been cancelled.

He was not alone; several area residents were left stranded Thursday after winter weather shut down some Call-A-Ride services.

Metro Director of Communications, Patti Beck said that with the snow, 14 drivers called in and 400 customers canceled their rides. The staff was swamped and just missed notifying Steve.

She said this problem is “very rare, very rare.”  Metro canceled about 228 other rides.

Steve said he's still a huge fan of Call-A-Ride and he hopes Metro learns.

“I’d like to see Call-A-Ride put some kind of plan of emergency into action. Whether it be automated or putting some of their staff onto calls of people who were canceled.”


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